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We at Vatican Private Visit offer unique and private visits to all the attractions behind the walls of the Vatican City. Along with providing you with a detailed, private, and personal tour, you will also be able to learn of the rich history of the area as well as learn a few secrets that many have never even guessed occurred behind these ancient walls.

The Vatican City is the smallest independent nation in the world all home inside the city limits of Rome. The administration as well as being the residence of his Holiness is also a sought after tourist attractions, due to this there are long long lines just to enter into Saint Peter Square. With one of our
exclusive Vatican private visit tours, you will never have to worry about these long lines as we as Official Guides can give you a private tour without any other tourist in sight.

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A Vatican private visit with an official and licensed tour guide will allow you to embrace the beauty of the Vatican, view the stunning artwork, and learn all the secrets through your official Vatican guide.

During your amazing Vatican private visit, you will be visiting such locations as the Vatican Museums home to the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens, and even have the chance to attend a Papal Audience.

We are waiting for you in Rome to provide you with a passionate and detailed Vatican private visit. We will have the Vatican come alive through the sights and history explained in such a way you will be reliving history.

Ciao from Rome and The Vatican City!

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